Saturday, June 25, 2011

... The Nerve ...

No, not THAT nerve...

Anyway, you know that this blog is for mostly writing. However, there's going to be times when I see the stupid things people do, and when I see those stupid people doing those stupid things, I'm going to rant about about it here. This might happen a lot, cause, well, people are stupid. I promise to try to keep this as rant-free as possible. But yes, an occasional rant will occur. This is one of those times.

So I'm walking my dog in the morning as usual with my friend Riley. It's a nice day, the sun was out, and the weather was perfect for a summer morning. So we're just walking and talking about what's been going on recently, when this fat ass lady walks by us. Now this lady is familiar, mind you, so I've seen her walking around the neighborhood before. So my friend and I move along to the side because, well, that's the polite thing to do. So our dogs act like dogs and go up and sniff her. They don't bite her nor do they harm her in any which way or form. This is when I got angry.

When our dogs go up to sniff her, she makes this huge huffing sound that sounded like a freaking walrus, rolls her eyes, and says, "Come on, man!" Mind you these are not huge dogs ( as I've said before, I have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and my neighbor gas a Jack Russel Terrier), so it's not like they look like some crazed derangied wildebeests. They are these tiny cute dogs that you could cuddle forever. I don't know, maybe she had some right to be mad, but i just thought she needed to calm the hell down.

I could understand her dilemma if the dogs were big dogs. I really hate big dogs because they can be really mean and nasty. My poor dog received a torn ligament on his left leg because a bigger dog attacked him (needless to say, I kicked the other dog in the face; the owner got mad at me. The nerve ...). Now my dog needs surgery, but we can't afford it, so he has to deal with it. It's sad, because sometimes it gets really bad, and he can't even walk. This has led to my hatred of bigger dogs.

And for some reason that no one knows, people have huge dogs in my neighborhood! WHY, I ASK?!?! "Uhhh, they help protect against robbers..." NO THEY DON'T! It's been scientifically proven via testing that ANY dog INCLUDING police dogs will succumb to the delicious dog treat. Having a bigger dog = ruining your house. Every house I see in my neighborhood that houses a bigger dog has broken fences and it ruins the quality of our once beautiful home. Ugh, it makes me sick.

So that's pretty much my rant for today. Go have fun and heal all the little cute puppies in the world!


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